Single Domain Changes

The tech department is working towards having a single Microsoft Windows domain for all users in the district.  This will make it easier for users who work in multiple schools, move from one school to another, or even just visit another school.  Our goal is to reduce the number of computer accounts any individual in the district needs to remember.

Over the summer of 2011, we moved all of the elementary schools over to the SD62 domain, and we also moved the Westshore main campus and annex campus over in the fall of 2011.

These are the different domains we have left:

SD62 - the "root" domain that currently contains board office and facilities staff, and all elementary school staff and students.

SOOKE62 - this is a placeholder domain that was initially used for staff that needed email accounts, but worked in schools that were not part of the district domain infrastructure.  Many elementary staff will still have their email accounts in this domain.

JMS, STUBBS, DMS, SPENCER - The middle schools all have their own "child" domains.  Most staff in these schools will use accounts in these domains for school logins and email.

EMS and BSS - The two high schools also have their own "child" domains.